The collection was inspired by its creator’s observation of the contemporary society with a focus on its fear, sadness, chaos and environmental issues and the subsequent need for a metamorphosis leading to a brighter future.

Visually, the collection represents a journey from darkness to light. The designer’s imagination creates the image of a burst out of a cocoon. A heroine with a transformed essence emerges. Initial dark colours and structured shapes made of a “magma surface”, braided fabrics and heavy armour-like embellishments alluding to imminent battle make way for nude shades embodying a daring woman who is about to start her metamorphosis. The colour spectrum becomes brighter, the skin tone colour palette of natural leathers emulating a hybrid butterfly almost out of its cocoon stage, making volumes and shapes more fluid. Finally, white silk ruffles on floating gowns catch the eye and represent the new vivid beginning. As if through a prism or water vapour, the light of white evolves to watercolour rainbow wings of peace, leaning towards a new life and projecting an image filled with fantasy and allure.

The collection was supported by five high-profile Italian fashion suppliers (including Russo di Casandrino, Galeotti Piume and Ostinelli Seta.)



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