Of withered petals under the blooming flower


The project is an ode to the unexpected combinations of surreal reality. The work explores female sexuality beyond the ideal celebrating it in its purest form. While creating a parallel space to discover, the project invites reflection on desires, fantasies and stereotypes in a surreal yet realistic space. The excess, distortion and subtle sexualisation of the content aims to celebrate the unsettling as key to the sublime. The research for shapes, volumes, textures and subtle obsessions is a mean to the appreciation of the female phisicality, creating new forms and associations in connection to nature.








Photography : Alexandra Von Fuerst

Styling : Veronique et Charlotte

Makeup : Yulia Yurchenko

Hair : Benjamin David

Set design : Penny Mills

Models : Arvida Bystrom and Ruoyi

All garments Nicola Bacchilega except vintage slip and thights